Our Business

At BCI, we are specialists in the Records and Information Management field.  Our principal consultant is one of the most experienced information management professionals located here in the Caribbean, and has a diverse professional background.  In addition to being inducted as a Professional Fellow in the Institute of Information Management for Africa, Emerson has been pursuing Certified Records Manager (CRM) designation, alongside the Certified Archivist (CA) certification.

Our lead consultants and associates are/were mostly all IM practitioners before they began consulting.  BCI has years of experience in organizations of all sizes in international organisations, the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Information Management is a highly-specialized discipline, and our service offerings are tailored to the core activities required to successfully manage information as an organisational asset.  We don’t do everything, but what we do has a specific value and is hard to come by except from specialists.  Many organisations go to large management consulting firms for IM consulting services to streamline purchasing costs and logistics.  Despite their size, sometimes these large firms do not have enough consultants with the specialised expertise required in-house.  They will often subcontract the specialised work to a boutique firm like BCI to deliver a successful project.  BCI is willing to work directly with, or as a subcontractor to these consulting opportunities according to client preference, so there is never any need to accept inexperienced or underperforming resources that may put project outcomes at risk.