Our Independence

Finding an expert is one thing.  Finding an expert who will give you an objective opinion is something else entirely.  While BCI has collaborated through individual consulting opportunities with other IM firms, we have preserved our independence from the many service providers, vendors, and value-added-resellers (VARs) in the Information Management marketplace.  We do not sell any IM technologies, such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems or sell IM related products (e.g. filing equipment, records storage services, etc.).  We do not accept referral fees or commissions from vendors of IM technologies or related products.  And we do not recommend any vendor unless we believe it is in the client’s best interest.  This means that we are able to provide truly objective analysis and recommendations based on your circumstances.  We do not recommend a technology or service that you don’t need, and we do not try to influence your buying decisions.  We know the IM marketplace, but we don’t take any side except for yours.

BCI fits well within the industry, due to the demand for Records & Information Management consultants in the market, based on increased need for compliance, risk avoidance and mitigation, as well as ever increasing operational costs.  We fulfil the needs of businesses seeking professional Information Management services and expertise, in the Caribbean market, and beyond.