BCI works with a trusted team of associates.  Our associates are proposed to clients on a project-by-project basis to create a project team with the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience for the engagement.

At BCI, we recognize the vital role our local, regional and global partners, collaborators and agents - a community of fellow consulting companies, vendors, and business advisers focused on a common goal: customer success.  When it comes to our business partnerships, we at BCI believe in founding our relationships with like-minded business consultants, vendors, and our customers, on our shared values of respect and transparency. We aim to cultivate genuine and long-lasting partnerships with all our collaborators and we constantly seek to partner with reliable business partners in the Information Management consulting sector, as well as in other related strategic business areas.

Our collaborators will be thoroughly vetted to ensure BCI’s sacred commitment to our clients ensuring them of professionalism, ethical business practices, honesty and reliability. Our partner-delivered products and services become part of the "whole" solution for our customers where shared interests and goals are realized and new opportunities are revealed.